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Granulator GRP-1.5

Granulator GRP-1.5
  • Granulator GRP-1.5
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Brand:Брикетирующие технологии
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

The granulator is a device which allows to press biomass under a high pressure turning waste of the main production into highly liquid goods (fuel granulyit so - called pellets, compound feeds).

The granulator GRP - 1,5 with klinoremenny transfer provides the low noise level and uniform distribution of force. Use of klinoremenny transfer in the Granulator increases reliability of work the equipment and reduces eksplutatsionny costs of service.

Principle of action.
The crushed raw materials, fraction no more than 4 mm, come to the bunker the batcher, from the batcher bunker by means of the screw the raw materials go to the mixer where there is a careful hashing by shovels to addition of technical water for receiving homogeneous mass. Further the received weight moves to a granulation chamber. In a granulation chamber by means of scrapers the raw materials arrive for a surface the vertical ring matrix through which openings it is pressed through by clamping rollers, at the same time allocates heat and koleyushchy substance – a lignin is formed. Outside of a matrix the dense pressed mass of the set diameter, according to the calibrated matrix opening turns out. Length of a granule is regulated by means of special knives. Ready granules get enough sleep through an unloading opening in the lower part of a chamber of a granulation.

Brand:Брикетирующие технологии
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 22.01.2020
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